Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Movie reviews

Saw some really good movies recently in the spring break, wanted to write about them since some time.

Started with the stunning 300. Its a new level of film making, as some critic said. A visual masterpiece. This movie establishes Frank Miller's work as a school of film making, starting with the equally astounding Sin City. Following that, I watched The Illusionist. A decently devised script which reveals itself in the end, and keeps the watcher guessing. But the magic tricks shown in the movie are simply unbelievable. The movie has a authentic victorian look, which works great for the story.

The next in line was The Prestige. A movie with a very Christopher Nolan touch to it. He is the same guy who made Memento and Batman Begins. He has this new way of editing movies, that which makes 3-4 timelines out of the movie to run in an interleaved fashion. And the effect is phenomenal, watch Memento to believe it which has this concept stretched to its extremes. ( It appears like a re-entrant, recursive asynchronous, multi-threaded application..if you know what I mean!) The Prestige has a great story, a very human one with a sci-fi topping. The sci-fi part, where the story brings in scientist Nicholas Tesla(the one who invented AC electricity) blends historical events, giving it a realistic appearance. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale give great performances as rival magicians. In a Nolan movie you have to meticulously listen to the dialogue, and this movie is no exception. There are hints and traces in the dialogue throughout the film. A must "must watch".

Then came Ek Ruka Hua Faisla, a 80s or 70s film. The story is that of the conversations in a board of jury who are appointed to decide whether the accused is guilty or not. Initially just one person believes that the accused is innocent, and how he convinces the rest is the matter of the film. The concept is nice, but hasn't been handled in the way it should have been. Many characters are very loud, and most of the time they make senseless conversations. But still a good, hatke oldie. Its said to be a remake of some 12 Angry Men.

More in the queue are Aeon Flux, Dark City, Equilibrium, Before Sunrise & Before Sunset. It is only a matter of when.

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