Friday, December 08, 2006

Upgraded to Blogger Beta

Had some free time, after a lot many days. I had wanted to move to Blogger beta from the classic blogger for days particularly for the tagging feature. So that I could categorize the posts, earlier I had tried this using a blog-search feature, where you can specify search strings to the blog-search url. Offcourse for that you needed to have those "tag" words in your blog.

The new & improved Blogger has cool new features, and I am impressed. The ease of which you can customize your blog is amazing. These guys really know what people want.

So now you can see the Labels, on the left. I took all the pains of tagging my 132 odd posts! There are new features to add custom html/javascript through the Blogger interface. One can also add random images/text and place it anywhere on the page, just by moving it on the Blogger interface. Some really cool AJAX i guess. And i could add Zenwalk button and the page hit counter through that...absolutely no css sheet editing by hand. This really is Web 2.0, super cool.

I say this again. Hail Blogger!

I have lost the previous artwork though, had worked on it quite a lot. Anyways it was time to change the look again...

[To be continued...when the new header is ready]


Tushar said...

nice look!

Parag said...

this is one of the default templates dude...havent worked on the look yet.

Anonymous said...

labels on the left >>> u mean right !

Parag said...

yeah right, right! had those labels on the left initially..