Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Upgraded: continued

The new header is ready. This time its been more of lethargy on my side. But anyway the outcome isn't all that bad and so I decided to go ahead with it.

This time no GIMP, everything is Photoshop created. Whatsoever I do I end up with blues and greens, donno, probably other colours just don't get to my taste. I wanted the typical scribbled type of font for the heading, but something that looked nice too. So here it is, the title with 2 fonts from dafont.com, the first letter and last in Scriptin font for the cursive-curvy look and rest all is Journal font. Fortunately these two fonts look good with each other.

For the image content theres the sign board saying, "Exit 42". It has a bit of something behind it, which I'll say in my next post. Why the number 42, why not 41 or 43 or 434534523? For the uninitiated read here. After putting the sign board I was a bit confused, but after wandering around the images on my computer, I found the perfect fit to fill the rest of the space. So to the right of the sign board you see the celestial looking way...which goes to wherever you want it to be, cause the answer to all things is 42.

These are the transitions, 1 2 3 4 ,till date with 1 being the most recent.

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