Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Ganpati season

Its Ganpati time, i would have been having a blast celebrating the festival(not the right word, but couldn't think of anything else) back in Pune. But in here too we are having some fun time. Indian students here arranged a aarti-session lasting 7 days. Everyday at somebody's place(offcourse those who are enthusiastic about it)...and it was our turn this friday.

We had planned that around 20 people would come, looking at the turn-out on the earlier day, but were taken by surprise when some 38-40 turned out ! It became a bit testing for us to manage the catering. For the occasion a friend who lives nearby & me had prepared the special pujecha shira, and my roomie made rose-syrup-shake. Both the items turned out real well made( i know that i am a good cook :) & as Ameya puts it, "CS che loka husharach astat !") and got quite some appreciation from the guests...The aarti-sessions turned out real good social gatherings, you get to know someone new everyday.

Got a job at the library, but hoping to get something better than that. Its the long-weekend weekend, and i have got to do a lot of homework. And my creativity is down, i couldn't even think of a better title to this post.

Written in GNU nano: not a bad editor.

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Sudeep said...

sahi re.. happy ganeshutsav to u

congrats for the initial job