Thursday, August 31, 2006


Its 2:oo AM in the corner of the screen...and i am still not sleepy.

Damn, AARRRGHH, shit, fsck, crap....whatever you call it, i'm feeling that all right now, even though there is this ultra-melodious "are re are" running in the background. I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel, theres no silver lining to the cloud and theres no Santa ! Damn !!

Somehow the thoughts flow more easily when I'm not in the right mood...should have used it to write something more sensible than this crap...see i cant stop using these words. A friend i made here, said some days back "sometimes you may feel why the heck am i here, away from home, from a life that seemed so much on the right path", and god, I didnt know such a time would come so soon...

Life, joke it is not
Coke, it might be
Dont let it fizz out
Kyunki yeh dil maange more...

Now you know what a disoriented mind is capable of  :P


Sudeep said...

lol @ limerick

Tushar Thole said...

We are the same boat dude:)