Friday, August 25, 2006

Take off..

Classes have begun...the profs are getting into mood with every progressing lecture and so is the homework getting on the rise. Its been like just a single lecture of a course and i have already read 2 research papers ! I am scared.

Still don't have a job. So its just 7.5 hours of "official" workload for me for an entire week. Making dinner & keeping the apartment clean is becoming a daunting task day by day. The good part is that me and my roomies haven't screwed a single dish yet and we do manage to make some delicious food. I am amazed at my cooking skills. I must have made almost all frequented sabjis , and believe me they tasted real good.

Our once unfurnished apartment now has a TV, VCR, DVD-player, a gorgeous corner lamp, a couch, 2 microwaves, 2 phones, a blender, a fan and 6 chairs ! All of this in around $100. Beat that. Offcourse most of things are used, some are thrown-away ones and none is new :P

My roomies are net addicts and my machine happens to run Linux most of the time. So I am forcing them to use it...just some service for the open community you know :D That reminds me that I have yet to name my 8 month old machine, a HP branded 64 bit lappy...can't think of a good name.

Forgot to mention the interesting thing. Its like hot, real hot in here in Tucson. That makes the loitering around in the campus a "sight-seeing" venture, and oh what a sight !


Sudeep said...

tht all in $100.. amazing!

n now i really wish u get a digi cam.. lol

Parag said...

hmm, but i won't get a used digicam for sure...for somethings theres mastercard ;)

Kshitij said...

"sight seeing " huh !!!! dude i got ur point....lucky u ;)