Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Still at bay

After searching for almost 2 days in the scorching heat that left me dehydrated we managed to get an apartment, it'll be ready in a few days. The sad part is that it isnt furnished.

Currently the place am staying at is a bit far from the university, a half an hour walk. So whatever work we have to do leaves us for atleast an hour's walk everyday, did i mention the burning Arizona sun. Its just been 3-4 days that i have been walking that much and i already feel i must have lost atleast 2-3 kilos! Cant afford the luxury of a vehicle, need to get a cycle soon.

I feel choked. I cant look for jobs, i cant read books from the library...cause i still cant register for classes. And i cant even look for furnishings as theres still time to get possession of our apartment. There is hardly anything i can do...just have to wait, and then just burst off in a thousand chores.

The only relief is the stay at the seniors. It would be hard to find people more hospitable than them. Thanks a lot guys (Sanket, Ameya and Rishab).


Anonymous said...

atleast you can post blogs... :P.

Sudeep said...

u didnt get a flat accomodation frm here itself... most of my classmates got it done b4 leaving

Anonymous said...

good luck with ur MS!

Parag said...

Mukund < yes...i can post blogs :)
Anon < Thanks !