Thursday, August 10, 2006

Getting some momentum

The plane is getting some momentum, still not off the runway though...

After getting literally spoon fed at our seniors' place for nearly 10 days, we have moved to our new apartment. And getting all cosy with the new place, its nice...with a verandah and all.

In the meanwhile things here are shaping up. Me getting a feel of life in Tucson now, after figuring out wheres, hows and whys and why nots here. The people in general are pretty helpful, but have "artificial" smeared all over them. People back home are better, they are what they are...the "have a nice day", "uh-hah", "may i help you" lines are making me sick. They sound good and polite, but harshly unreal. Personally i prefer peoples natural behaviour, though it may sound rude many a times. Ok, i am getting way off-the-track.

More later.

1 comment:

Sudeep said...

might be they all are naturally tht way.. n u also might turn into one like tht :)