Sunday, July 30, 2006

Starting off..

Finally...after completing lot of paperwork, shopping and god-knows-what-not i boarded the flight from Mumbai. Due to some technical problems the flight got delayed and i reached my destination, Tucson, after an astounding 24 hrs more.

First impression of the US if you ask me, well...we were stranded at the LA airport. And inspite of being such a big and busy port i couldn't find a single phone booth where calls to India could be made. Neither did i find a shop open late in the night to buy a calling card, and had to wait till the morning. I would say making a phone call back home is much simpler and easier. I was amazed by the kind of vehicles i saw at the airport and particularly the cleanliness of public transport.

My first experience with american coffee was bad and tea, worse. People here definitely dont know how to make tea. Tucson, the city i am in, is a very quiet and peaceful place. You hardly see a person walking around. Seniors here are doing just everything possible for us, to make us comfortable, hats off to them!

Jet lag has nearly been compensated...Search is on to get a place for living, and still have to explore each and everything out here. Hopefully things will settle down in like a week and half.


Tushar said...

By the time I reach there, mi [tuzya] anubhavane shahana honar:D

Sudeep said...

gr8.. so u finally got there

keep us updated 'bout the life on the other side of the globe

Anonymous said...

all the best for the apartment ! i hope you dont go the Salaam Namaste so soon :P

Anonymous said...

errr... I meant the "Salaam Namaste Way" and not "Salaam Namaste"!

AG said...

All the best bro! Amchyakade laksha asu dya ;) Ata kasa adhaar vaatoi mala..tu US madhe aalyamule...and AZ is not (that) far from KS...its just 1357 miles ;)

Parag said...

Mukund < vikrut kahi vichar karu naka... :)
AG < adhar tumhala vatawa ka amhala...tumhi amche dipasthambha !