Wednesday, June 21, 2006

tran·sit (trăn'sĭt, -zĭt) n.

Writing after quite some time...was busy with a hundred things, literally.

Or more probaby i was a victim of the writer's block...better explained here on a friend's blog. Finally after a lot of "lets write" and "naah, not now" i have got down to write this senseless post.

Things are going to change as hell, as my life changes from a "happy going carefree" person enjoying the perks on a decent salary to a "fight, and fight more" for everything student. I can't imagine how i am going to manage without the environment i had at home and at my job. My job is my greatest timepass since i have left college :) I get todo all my stuff at work alongside the real work...and offcourse have a great time with colleagues. The workplace is almost an extended campus...the average employee age must be 25 or less.

Though i feel a lot good at heart that i'll be back to school, learning things. But the very next moment i think of the cost factor and i get butterflies in the stomach sometimes. I know its a calculated investment, but this is the very first time things are really on my shoulders, that gets me nervy.

So lets see whats in store next...


Sudeep said...

workplace is almost an extended campus
yup.. i feel tht too
except tht i come here regularly n they pay for doing tp

mez wondering when i will enter tht transition phase... no MS for me though

dude, frm wht i know u, u will do extremely well.. dont worry a lot

Anonymous said...

all he best dude ! i will miss you...

rock on (as usual) ! ;-)