Monday, May 29, 2006

Hat trick

A hat trick...3 days 3 movies and a great weekend.

Friday was X-Men: The Last Stand, then The DaVinci Code and on sunday Fanaa. And as a friend said it they were in decreasing order of quality. X-Men was far too good than its first 2 prequels. The action and effects both are great and the movie delivers more than what one can expect. Some of the new mutants introduced have some really cool powers and they have been used to create some mind boggling shots. Hugh Jackman performs his Wolverine with ease and is very impactful. Magneto and Professor Xavier played by Patrick Stewart are very charismatic as always. A must watch if you like super-heroes stuff, which jumps out right from Marvel comics' frames.

The DaVinci Code with so much of hype around it for so many reasons was...ok, yeah it was just ok. Though the casting is near perfect, the roles essayed are true to the characters in the book and director Ron Howard gives quite a gripping movie, at the end of the movie i felt wanting for something more. Perhaps being such an anticipated movie, i or rather everybody expected a lot more from the film. The grandeur is missing, and so is the excitement. Or may be its just the traditional "book-is-always-better-than-movie" funda.

Fanaa...this is one more movie in the news for all the unnecessary reasons. The songs are good, pretty good and their picturisation is great. Aamir and Kajol live their roles. But the pace of the film is a bit slow, and its long...3 hours long. In the second half where the story takes turns, Aamir's character seems to go in and out of character. The script is missing some dialogues on Aamir's part. The Kashmir shown is Poland, and its beautiful. A flawed script and slow pace takes the fizz out of what could have been a much better product, backed by one of the most dedicated studios, Yash Raj Films. Kunal Kohli somehow manages to make films that have a lot of potential but never hit the bulls eye, though Hum Tum almost hit it.

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Sudeep said...

they sure were in decreasing order..

saw only DVC of the 3.. i agree it was just ok