Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fight Club

Life is always a fight, isn't it ?

You never get anything just like that. There are NO free lunches...not on this planet. I don't know why the Alchemist guy keeps saying "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true"[1] and other crap. It is not true...why would the universe care ? It has better things to running its bloody gigantic self. And if it did try to care, why the hell would it conspire...? To give you a nice bundled sweety surprise you might be thinking ! Forget it. If it did have that much soul, science would not need a proof of the existence of the ultimate being.

All you need is to get things done yourselves, make them work, make them work for you. And thats why some atheist must have said "He helps those that help themselves". Magic is always the fantasy and never the fact...and if does happen its always an illusion. Till the time you realise it was an illusion you have been already had. Welcome to the real world[2].

But hey, its not all that bad, but its not the way we imagine it to be. The spoon is lying on the floor, you have to look for it, search it, kneel down and lift it. And don't think the spoon is made of silver, you won't get that on this floor. For that you will have to climb a hundred steps to the next floor. The number of floors are limited by your ambitions, nothing else. Different people climb for different reasons.

And offcourse theres the source on the terrace, but one never reaches there, its just an illusion that some people have. They grow beards, wear funny clothes and do funny things...and they think this might be the way, but they don't know they are in the illusion all created by themselves.

The one who sees the truth, that theres no truth, its an endless end, lives merrily. Moral of the story, don't worry be happy.

[1] Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist
[2] Morpheus in The Matrix

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Sudeep said...

m wondering wht inspired this post

frankly speaking i first thought tht u watched Fight Club
thnx for not giving tht shock

Tushar said...

Amazing post I'll say! But din't get what made u write this:)

Kshitij said...

kay zhala achanak..wht made u / inspired u to write this post ??
seriously man.....

Parag said...

nothing re...another way of venting out frustrations...which were accumulating day by day. Interestingly i wrote this before my appraisal...after that this would have turned out really harsh!