Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its raining movies !

Doing what i am good at again... watching movies.

Saw Ice Age 2, last weekend. One hell of a movie, better than the original. Sid (the rabbit like creature) and Scrat(the one behind that nut or whatever) get lot of screen time and they make it definitely worth it. Sid just rocks this movie...the dialogues he gets are too good. And Manny the mammoth gets a love...voiced by Queen Latifah, shes good. Blue Sky studios goes over the edge to make this technology showcase as real as possible, at the same time maintaining the story and pace. Most animated movies i have seen lately have been too good, other real-world movie makers should learn something from these guys. The reason might be that even few seconds of animation, is too much an effort and cost to waste on a lame storyline.

Thanks to TNT, i got 4 movies on a DVD. Watched 2 of them to make a hot, electricity-less saturday afternoon some good. Now there are advantages of having a laptop :P. One was Steal, on some bank robberies, crappy. The other was The Ring 2. I wouldn't say it is as good as

part 1, but its not bad. The story is rather weak in this sequel, and the thrill factor is very less too. Part 1s thrill factor was way high. I still remember the scene where the girl comes out of the TV! There was even a mail in circulation where there are these japanese

teens watching the movie and at the end somebody actually comes out from below the TV leaving the crowd hysterical!

And tonite i am planning to go for The Pink Panther...lets see how it turns out. This content will be edited later...

Sunday Morning:

ok, so The Pink Panther is nice tp...don't expect much though. Some of the jokes are cliche...but Steve Martin is good at what he does. The cartoons shown during the titles at the beginning were somehow more funny than the movie :P

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Sudeep said...

i missed Ice Age 2.. if i havent seen first part is it ok to see the 2nd?

the gal coming out frm the TV is perhaps one scene which will be etched in the minds of ppl who watched tht movie