Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ayushyavar aikle kahi...

I had been hearing lots of praises about it. Dhaval managed to get the show tickets before hand using his contacts. And yey, we finally made to the theatre presentation of "Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi", a musical show featuring songs and poems by Sandeep Khare and Salil Kulkarni.

I have been listening to their songs since I heard "Man talyaat...malyaat" in our college's Firodia Karandak play 3-4 years ago. I have been hooked ever since. The reason is simple....the lyrics, the tunes, the music...its just inexplicable....Few months back when i had got the 3 of their released albums for my mom, the shopkeeper said "this guy(Sandeep Khare) sells more than Jagjit Singh and the likes ! ".

With lots of expectations me and Dhaval went for the show...and oh boy...! The theatre was jam packed...everywhere i could see people, many of them of our generation, which i was surprised to find. The show started with their trademark "ayushyavar bolu kahi". The show is arranged such that the songs and poems presented go from one mood of life to another. Salil has this soft, classically trained voice and Sandeep's is more charismatic with an identity of its own. And together they create magic....In few of the songs Sandeep interludes the tunes with verses from his poems, it sounds amazing.

With melodious and mightyly meaningful songs, impact is what you feel...and applaud is all you see and do. The best part about the Sandeep's writings is that he goes in depth in many other subjects other than the just standard romanticism. His poems like "Safarchand" on the mediocrity in life, and "Nastik" on being a nastik touch heights of imagination. I found "Nastik" deeply profound. Another poem "Love Letter" is a sarcasm on use of English in everyday Marathi.

And the second best part is that even a person with average art-appreciation genes can enjoy and understand the thought put behind his poems. A friend of mine recently rightly said..."Aplya veles hi kuni kavi zala asa aplya pudhcya pidhyanna sangu shaku ! "

At the end of the show we met them...i tried to say "Haslo karan dusre kahi shakya nahi..." a line from one of his poems, but i couldn't say it the way it should have been. I still remember the weird smile Sandeep Khare gave me :P

And i did i say the third best part... Sandeep uses these ugly, hoarse sounding words ( which are not that uncommon for Marathi ) in his compositions. Yet he and Salil, manage to make real good tunes out of them.


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Ketan said...

Hey Parag,

I came accross your blog while searching for some other blog and the title of your latest post made me look it see I'm an Indian , in fact a maharashtrian and I'm from pune...but I'm currently in New Zealand and I miss India quite a bit I look up anything I come accross that even hints at India...and to find someone writing marathi words in their post and in fact about Indian classical really felt nice...marathi bolayla koni nahi ekde ani marathi shabda vachun phar bara vatla...Thanks for that...Your recent reads are pretty probably might like "Motorcycle Diaries" by Che Guevara... I just started my blog a few days back... check it out if you

Tushar said...

I hope the show is as good as your blog:) that's a compliment!

Anonymous said...

hey parag,

blog sahi aahe ! can u post their songs on ur blog if u have ?
dat wud be a favour dude !

Sudeep said...

their songs are amazing... i luv kase sartil saye more

n these guys r damn down to earth i have heard... arre college madhlya mitrachya ghari yeun gappa vagaire marto toh.. aani olakh mhanje asich karyakramachya veles zhali

Nayana Kulkarni-Dongare said...

Yeah Sandeep khare...

Simple words with deep meaning....
Aatasha mala he ase kay hote
Kunya Kalache Paani Dolayt yete
Bara bolata bolata stabdh hoto
Kashi shantata shunya shabdat yete 1
Kadhi datu yeta nabhacha pasara
Kasa savala rang hoto manacha
Ase halate aat haluvar kahi
Jasa sparsh panyavari chandanyacha 2
Kashi hi avashtha, Kunala kalave
Kunala pusave Kuni Uttarave
Kiti Khol jato tari tol jato
Asa tol jata kuni savarave 3

Tushar Joshi said...

Sandeep is really fabulous. I became his fan the instance I heard his song evhaDhacha naa some years back. Felt good reading all the comments and the original posts, so I am feeling like a part of lots of fans of Sandeep

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

Anonymous said...

Sandeep Sandeep !!!!! you r god.... tuza ekach gane aikale ... evhadech na ekate jagu.. ekadam tuzya premat padalo.. Alurkar madhun sagale album gheun alo.. mala kalat nahiye mi aaj var hi gani kashi kay aikali nahit .. thanks a ton to Chiku who introduced me to this great collection ..

Unknown said...

i really became a great fan of this duo when i heard kashe sartil sayi.. can anyone tell where to get these songs on the net?

Anonymous said...

I genuinely believe that we are able to enjoy the deepest meaning behind every word written by Sandeep because of the heartfelt divine music given to them by Salil Kulkarni! Had it been that the music was even slightly different than what it is now, the words would have changed their effect on our minds and heart and probably the correct meaning would have stayed behind the curatin. So it's a magic of the pair, just like fruit and seeds.

CC said...

Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog while searching on the internet for the meaning of "talyaat" "malyaat" etc. I recently got to hear some of Sandip Khare's songs and I was instantly taken in by how melodious they were! I don't understand Marathi, I'm from B'lore. But I've been making an effort to learn Marathi just so I can understand the beautiful lyrics:) Good blog, keep it up:)


Perception said...

"Nastes ghari tu jevha..." simple and quite direct. Beautiful lyrics by Salil Kulkarni.


I love Sandeep Khares poems . The poem featured in Tanishka recently I liked it very much .
Rahul Pathak

Anonymous said...
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