Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I read on an average 2 stories a day..that in one way or the other say Windows Vista is screwed.

The woes of the Vista Graphical User Interface.

Its got the all ballyhooed Aero interface...that boasts of 3D windows, transparencies shadows...animations etc.Do you need that to increase your productivity...NO. In fact all this eye-candy might get annoying in daily work...but offcourse it must be having controls to tune the eye-candy as the user wants.Is this a pro....well, yes. They are trying to out-do Mac OS X...but they forget that Apple uses their hardware to run their software. M$ doesn't, and they are expecting people to shift to better, newer hardware.You can get some idea from the fact that Vista requires 800MB of memory for itself, and when playing games goes upto to a staggering 2GB, other than a 3D graphics accelerator card....

They have written the OS from scratch....

Now this is a big issue...older software goes through several man months of test phases. Lots of bugs turn-up and get fixed...actually improving the system stability. Writing from scratch is a all new way of inducting new bugs...In fact this guy advises not to write software from scratch, but to improve it to suit the needs. I read somewhere that the Vista release was postponed by 6 months to Jan 07.

Vista to be native 64-bit

M$ is planning to cash in the 64-bit wave that is gaining amplitude recently. Vista is going to be the first M$ OS to have native 64-bit code. But all these plans were heavily dependent upon the now infamous "Wintel" bonding. Intel was to come up with a "performing" 64-bit chip for Vista to ship-on. But Intel has gone late...they were more busy doing the "dual core" hype. Their earlier 64-bit architecture used in the doomed Itanium has been abandoned. The companies that invested in Itanium have dragged in a unwordly $10 billion for market boosting of Itanium.

Meanwhile, the AMD site has been leaps ahead...Their 64-bit horses, the dual core Athlons (named FX) and the dual core Turions (used in laptops) have already debuted. And needless to say, they continue to beat the Intel counterparts in performance. It seems more and more like, prodution quality ( really ? ) Vista-64 will see its first cycle of instructions execute on an AMD.

Will M$ beat the competition once again remains to be seen, this time with Open Source desktops getting the cutting edge and Apple continuing to grow, 2007 may very well begin the decline of the M$ raj.

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