Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend with movies and music

Currently i am smitten by the music of Rang De Basanti...too good, Rahman on the rocks. Watch out for the Summer of 69 rechristened...

I find it more entertaining to watch 1hr of a movie than watching soaps. Over the weekend till now...i saw The Terminal (2nd time), Sin City and Paycheck. I am abiding by the new year resolution, to not watch crappy movies, atleast not in the theatres.

All the three movies are pretty interesting. I would put atleast the first two in the A-Class of movies. Though not A+ or A++ :P. From that kind of grading i recollect my school days, these were the typical kind of grading system we had, and there wasnt any A++, it was called "Excellent". A++ is more of a computer science side-effect.

Talking about The Terminal, its one of those tamed down Spielberg movies. Spielberg makes two kinds of movies, simple low-tech powerfull movies and mighty budgeted CG extragavagant powerfull movies. Terminal, Catch me if you can are earlier types of his movies.

Sin City, now now, this is a one of the biggest experimental movies in recent times. Has a huge starcast, and two renowned directors, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Based on a violent/adult comic book of the same name by some Frank Miller. The film is shot in Blacks and Whites with reds and yellows showing up in the some frames. Lightwork is truly amazing and so is the camerawork. The look is crafted to give it a comic book style appearance, and it works. But takes all the freedom in being a violent/adult movie, highly not recommended for the faint hearted, has a hard R-rating. I dont think it was ever released in India.

Paycheck is one of those films where after its over you say...they could have made it better. It lacks some character development, like the Ben Affleck's character. He is a reverse engineer, and develops technologies even Einstein wouldnt dream of. One can show such a character but that needs to be developed, here Ben Affleck is all this great engineer out of blue moon, and his looks dont suit the role.

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Sudeep said...

Terminal is one of my fav.. :)

A++ is more of a comp sci side effect..lolllzz

I had Sin City on my hdd a few mths back but didnt see it n ltrz had to delete it for making space for Joey episodes..

Kshitij said...

Terminal is a cool movie. Tom Hanks at his usual best. i also saw 'Remembering the Titans' recently, and thts also a lovely movie with Denzel Washington giving life to his character of a hard talking no-nonsense football it if you havent yet.

Addicted To Chaos said...

Terminal is a melodrama, hindi-movie ishtyle. Look at how he walks out of the terminal in the end with a horde of people wishing him luck, for example. One of the crappy movies Spielberg made. And Surfer, it is definitely not in his 'cheap' class of movies. Dont think you know that the whole terminal in the movie is a set and he spent a lot of money on it. The set is brilliant. All the money the movie made must have been on the clever promotion Burger King and all those franchises get in the airport.

As for Sin City, I'm yet to watch it. I've heard a lot of rave reviews. Your job to make sure I see it now!

I'm surprised you call PayCheck a 'good' movie dude. You've broken your resolution. Dump it now and move on...

Parag said...

I purposely avoided writing about The Terminal except for what genre it falls in...and whoa...i get loads of opinions.

Sudeep < I cant believe u chose Joey over Sin City...i guess u didnt hve any idea about the kind of movie Sin City is.

Kshitti < I have seen tht movie partly...looked good then.

Satwik < I know about the set of Terminal and all. But its still a low-tech movie, with more stress on the traditional style of movie making, and offcourse it is one of Spielberg's coolest films.

Nayana said...

Your first line.....Currently i am smitten by the music of Rang De Basanti...too good.....................the music of Rang De Basanti....the one I hated most....too bad.
Don't know but I hate all those songs.