Tuesday, December 27, 2005

OK..so its the new year

OK...so its the new year.

This time i have made a decision, to make new year resolutions and to religiously follow them. Every other chap makes such kind of resolutions, and everybody speaks of them too. So am I.

Firstly, i will try to bring some organization in my life. I know the term sounds boring, very process oriented kind of, but i have realised that i am going haywire, and it is wasting my efforts, if any. So I am going to lay down some rules and try to abide by them. Next is i will try and reduce the rate of watching movies. By general statistics, 90% of them are crappy when you watch 3 out of every 4 released. This is wasting a lot of my money, and `my precious` precious time, as Gollum would say it.

Thirdly, i am going to get my creative cells up and running, they have been hibernating for quite a while. I dont see anything really nice-n-stunning done in the past 1 or 2 years, something which i can look back and say, man that was cool. The basic reason behind the ignorance is laziness. Thats why they say, ignorance is bliss.

And i am trying to do some anger management. For many who havent seen me angry ever, may find this odd, but i know better, i am just too short tempered. Have to work on that.

All said, i am excited about the new year 2006. For those who have minimal interest in astrology or numerology goto DONE. 2006, is the year of the number 8, and i am a number 8 person, with my birthday on 17th. A lot is to happen this year according the experts, either good or bad. Hoping for the best. Also the current 'age' as is referred by many astrologers is the Age of Aquarius. To know more about this Age stuff, google the term, this is not a GK centre. And i being an aquarian am pretty interested in what effect this is going to have on things to come. Though it may get creepy, feeling that the future is controlled by someone who is not you, and blah blah...i still do believe that and have actually seen that if you strive enough, you can trespass. You need not follow the route devised...ok now its getting creepier, 'correct baby'..."Sorry..."...'Exactly!'

So people, have a nice day, everyday, in the new year.

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Sudeep said...

aaahhh.. the new yr resolutions.. i never have them coz i know i wont be following or striving to achieve anything

i will try and reduce the rate of watching movies ... then i will have to share the whole burden of writing reviews..lol.. noway u r getting out of tht

anger management .. hmmm .. now it really seems we haven't met in years.. :)

'correct baby' ... 'sorry' .. 'exactly' .. gosh!! i retract my earlier line.. i will do all reviews.. lol

Sudeep said...

n Happy New Year..

I pray to God tht the new yr brings in lot of gud things, luck, fame n wht all u desire..

hope the numerology thing works for u

Kshitij said...

anger management !!! parag....i dont think its been too long since we last met that you nshould have changed so much that you feel the need to control your anger...bcos the last time I saw u were angry was when..uhhh..ummm....?????

Nachiket said...

Hi Parag,

Happy New Year !!!
I had a grt time...had been to chicago to kshitti's place n then to New York City. I welcomed the new yr at Times Square, NY. Had grt fun !!!
How was ur 31st night !! keep mailin...n keep bloggin !!!!!!!!

Tushar Thole said...

Sorry that I read your new year resolutions late. Btw m soo disappoited watching you believe in stuff like numerology and stuff!

Parag said...

Its not like numerology is the thing for me... but i like to know what these things have to say...