Sunday, December 18, 2005

Peter Jackson's K I N G K O N G

Before going to the movie i was thinking who in the right senses would make a remake of a old 30s movie, that too which appeared supposedly B grade. But when you get the first glimse of the movie canvas you are convinced what the director Peter Jackson(the man behind LOTRs) was thinking...he must have seen a enormous movie (not just the creature) idea out there.

The entire concept of the old film is churned out here with Peter Jackson's standards of movie making. He always manages to get those colossal views in the way they should be seen. And he more than succeeds with this movie, using his style. Kong will go down in history as one of the most amazing remakes ever made. It is way too better than the original.

The film's production design is rich, no expense spared. You get to see the west of the thirties, the entire New York city has been resurrected to give as much authencity as possible. The costumes, the vehicles, the theatres...everything. And you also get to see everything of that rampaged by Kong.

The CG is by far one of the best in movie history. The completely digital Kong, enacted by Andy Serkis who also played Gollum in LOTR looks very real, soulful creature. Other than him all possible creatures believable from jurassic era have their way in the film. Right from dinosaurs, spiders, scorpions, bats, you name it. Some CG sequences are few minutes long, and the complexity of the work shows. Few sequences like the dinosaur stampede and the Kong fight with T-Rex makes the crowd applaud. It is here that Jackson takes it all.

The characters dont have much to do except for running and shouting. Naomi Watts as the beauty who fells the beast is good. Jack Black makes a good suit for the "director" who risks anything to get his film done. Oscar winning Adrien Brody who plays the writer has no
role as such.

All said, this is a must must watch. Peter Jackson is redefining movies, get to know the levels he is taking them to. My 4.99 stars.

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