Friday, December 23, 2005

On the vacation

I am on a vacation, had 6 leaves that would have had to take them. Though i didnt need any vacation as such, i wouldnt say no to a one offered for free :P. Planning is going on for some trips, i hope they materialize, its been a while since i went somewhere with friends.

So my biggest tp right now is my new machine, HP nx6125. It feels just great to use it. I have even setup the finger print based now just swipe the thumb and you (I actually) go in! Unfortunately HP doesnt provide drivers for Linux...but now theres a well defined biometric fingerprint API library and you can use that to patch the Linux logon managers like XDM, KDM. Some people have successfully done that for the IBM Tseries, i didnt find any attempt for the HP hardware...anyway, that may soon get fixed as HP already has fingerprint drivers for HP-UX.

Playing more with the novel i have, i tried putting up a dual monitor display using my desktop monitor as the second one. It is a matter of few clicks, in XP...have to check this out on Linux too. One thing i didnt get is that if you maximize a window or play a full screen movie all it does is uses up the entire screen space of the current monitor it is on. It doesnt go across like a wallpaper does.

Meanwhile trying for players that can play DVDs effortlessly, i just found out that the best video player around right now is Video LAN VLC, weird name. But in 8MB it has a nice GUI, lots of controls, and can play anything that claims to be a video file, did i say its cross platform. I found its decoders better than widely known mplayer (not the windows default fellow, that sucks). A nice feature i found was that it can play videos in wallpaper mode...yes and it means exactly what you are thinking.

Now that i am at leisure at a stretch, some of us here have just started playing Baddy again. Baddy can get your stamina up in 2 sessions, i love that about the game.

Its not that i am getting bored...but need to spend time with some quality. A waste of time, as is not widely known, is a waste of resources. People can afford to waste time...but what they dont understand is that they also waste away a lot of resources during the process. So till the time i find the quality in time...happy wasting.

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Sudeep said...

Me too going on a brk frm Wed..

Have a gud vacn.. so advance mein Happy New Year :)