Monday, November 07, 2005


Had a busy week at work followed by a week of vacation.One of my friends from college got engaged...both of them were my classmates...Everythings fair in this and that...ok, but getting engaged at 23, i didnt expect that atleast from a friend in close circuits who seemed to be on the same pages.

Anyway, i had been to Mumbai for 2 days. Theres this new paper called Mumbai Mirror targeted towards the youth. It has a special section on blogging and they publish posts of random blogs every day. Thats pretty cool. They even keep updates on related technology. Its from there that i read about this new browser, Flock. Its based on Firefox, and as of now not a fork. It has some nice features like, blogging tool and a machine independent bookmarking system. Finally i have something that i can use from Linux for blogging. Most of the tools i tried were either not working correctly or they didn't have the blogger atom api support. Some time back i tried writing a tool myself but then i got bored. Laziness and Ignorance are bliss.

This post has been written through Flock, and yes it can edit too!

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Addicted To Chaos said...

Waah, what art thou trying to imply? Getting engaged at 23 is immature? irresponsible? risky? absurd?

Parag said...

I would say all of it.

Sudeep said...

A guy we both know married last yr.. just at 22.. phew!! I m also against it.

btw, one of my frnds is working in Sabeer Bhatia\'s team which is developing a voice blogging tool. Cool.. isn\'t it? Got a preview of his tool by mail 2 days back.

Tushar said...

I was tryin my hands at flock and sorry to say that i m not at all impressed with it. The editor is really irritating! It doesn't work very well when you try to delete a few words from the post.