Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tagged Again -2


Just done with the herculean effort...applying for post graduate studies.
In the meantime Satwik has tagged me...this is the 2nd or perhaps 3rd time that i have been tagged.

Five movies/shows/sitcoms I'd watch anytime

Terminator 2 Judgement Day
Matrix Trilogies ( the obvious )
FRIENDS ( obvious again )
PIXAR's movies
History Channel's Biographies ( i dont read any,..but its interesting to watch how people evolved in their lives )

Five things I miss now

Being irresponsible.
My friends who have moved out to Strangeland ( Satwik's term )
Using a Laptop...( my standards have now risen to an iBook )
And offcourse sipping iced tea on the college kutta

Five favourite music bands/performers

Sandeep Khare - Salil Kulkarni
Richard Marx
John Denver

Five favourite lines

Do you hear that sound Mr. Anderson...its the sound of inevitability. - Matrix - Agent Smith
Don't follow the white rabbit. ( a line me and Mukund made up in college...based on the white rabbit tattoo in the 1st Matrix)
Let the force be with you.
Bade bade desho desho me..aisi chhoti chhoti batein hoti rehti hain...Senorita.
Don't Panic - ( the eternally what not,,.Douglas Adams )

Five Things I want to do while I can

This is a grand scheme of things...confidential.

Five guys who will help spread this venereal disease

And though i stopped tag forwarding earlier let me tag

Retagging TNT who has become active on the blog recently.
And if you are hearing Mr. Gud you too.

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Addicted To Chaos said...

You actually took the pain! I cant believe it. And dude, I havent moved, Im coming back, in jan! And another thing, you are supposed to miss something you have had before, unlike your ibook, which i never had.

Tushar said...

As I am a newbie in bloggerville (Term courtesy: Satwik!) and I have never been tagged before (maybe I can give a speech here about how does it feel being tagged “for the first time”:P), let me interpret this term for the greater common good ,using all my logical and analytical thinking abilities :P
“Since I have been tagged I am supposed to answer these questions on my blog” seems most plausible answer to me! Parag, correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Did it.. :)