Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One year and counting...

I am back at what i do good. Watching movies :)

After a month and a half of staying away from the theatres, this weekend i bounced back. Saturday it was Dark Water & sunday was for Transporter 2.

Dark Water
One more of those Japanese movies remade in Hollywood. Again by the same author of The Ring. There are three movies Dark Water, Skeleton Key & The Grudge authored by this guy & running in theatres at the same time ! Anyway, Dark Water is a cleanly made film. Though its a horror movie, its been made the thriller way. No white faces of ghosts, no dark eyes, no long hair. Simple cute looking small girl is the bhoot here. The story is paced slow. But the movie works. Jennifer Connelly portrays the lead role assuringly. In all good entertainment, just dont expect too much.

Transporter 2
Transporter, part one looked like a low budget action movie that worked. Transporter 2 is a big budget action movie that works better. Surprise, this is one of those movies that is better than the prequel. Only Spiderman might fall in this category. Jason Stathom, the guy with an attitude, returns as Frank Martin. the transporter, who likes to play by rules, his rules. Action sequences in the movie though far fetched, are too good. They are second to none & the movie feels bigger than Bond flicks at some time. Go watch it, if you crave for some cool action.

Time is vapourising at light speed. Its been exactly a year since i started blogging.

52 weeks, 80 posts.

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Addicted To Chaos said...

Cant believe you are watching crap dude, and finding it in you to actually praise this stuff. I need to remind you, the money is flowing from your pocket to theirs and not vice-versa. Mebbe you were mesmerised by the beauty that is Jennifer Connelly, and you had just seen a Mithun Chakravarthy extravaganza right before you watched transporter2. Thats the only way to explain these reviews!

Parag said...

Well...may be that was crap, but i liked them anyway, or may be that was the effect of not watching a movie for more than a month, i am addicted :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing 1 yr