Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yada Kadachit

This a weird, whacky, whimzical and what not play (Marathi). Marathi theatre has always been producing state-of-art plays. And Yada Kadachit is a kick ass proof of that. The title Yada Kadachit translates to "if at all". The play exploits the "if at all" thought to all extents reachable. Here you get to see Maharbharat interleaved with Ramayana where Pandavas win over Kauravas. And Kauravas go to a vanvas. And they meet Veerappan and Shravan !

Gangster Gawli becomes Krishna here, and he becomes the Sarthi of Duryodhan. In all a real twisted and curled up story that gives a unstoppable, stomach-aching laugh riot. Throughout the play there is sarcasm flooding on socio-political scenario. And i have heard they change the script accordingly to sync with the current events.

Marathi folk lore, traditional music is blended with present day songs and advertisements for song tracks. The concluding episode when Duryodhan, who then speaks as a commom man, disproves of both Krishna's "War is religion" and Gandhian peace principles, speaks loads.

I believe there was a Hindi movie too based on this idea.

Digressing from the topic, the "if at all" concept produces innumerable possibilities. The thing that comes to my mind over this concept is the Theory of Parallel Universes. According to this whenever a choice is made a new fork is produced in the Universe. This forked Universe then exists in parallel continuing from the forked possibility. Thus forking on every possibility will create infinite parallel Universes, each different from other by a infinitesimally small degree.

So if you thinking of using a time machine to go back in time and change something, you will be actually forking into a new Universe. And that self of yours, whom you wanted to benefit by altering the history, will never gain from your act. Your other parallel self will. So here is a warning: don't try this at home!

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Sudeep said...

I liked their amazing take on the current political scenario... the ease with which they took names of Pawar, Patil n Deshmukh... n also yudishtir is good.. no nahi never

But didn't see it full might be next time.... jai team network

Sudeep said...

Tagged u again

Tushar Thole said...

I had seen this play some time back and enjoyed it a lot!

"I believe there was a Hindi movie too based on this idea."

Are u referring to 'Jane bhi do yarro'?
It had a really funny ending involving the plot of Draupadi Swayanwar. It was just too good!