Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I dont like to post rants, but i want write this so that those freaking Google crawlers can index this & someday the HSBC folks read this. The probability isnt bad cause i detected a visit from HSBC India sometime back.

Heres the story. I wasnt getting the credit card bills for last two months. I tried to lodge a complaint. Unfortunately, the support is outsourced & the call goes to BPO company. The people there try to sound as professional as possible, but thats that. They only sound professional, the support proceedings dont seem to reflect that. The person there said that she would make note that i didnt get the bills & that no penalty would be enforced. On my request she also said that she would enable the bills to be sent through e-mail henceforth.

After a few days, i get frantic calls from HSBC collection centre at Mumbai continuously for 2-3 days saying that i havent paid my bills. I tried to explain the situation referring to my complaint & stuff. Now this lady who called is completely unaware of any complaint made ! HSBC, what kind of softwares do you use, even the publicly run BSNL has better service. It appears that theres just no syncing between the different departments.

On the lady's request i deposited a minimum amount till i get a bill. After doing that i hoped things would come back to track. But no, HSBC seems determined to frustrate me to the teeth. Now i get a letter at my home address saying the bills posted to the office got returned & please inform us of a change in address. Ohh really, i didnt know my company shifted to some new address. To blow it more, the letter was posted on 20th & i received it on 26th, the last date of paying the current month's minimum. So now they have charged me with 600 bucks as late fee, and a 300 more will follow in the next month, cause i got the bill on the last date. BULL SHIT.

If HSBC was an individual, l would have slapped him, but for the organization its a hectare wide field of hands with the middle finger up.

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Unknown said...

HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered...its a big friggin cartel. Although you might want to thank the fact that we are in India, under Indian Government controls. An innocent complaint to RBI works wonders :)