Sunday, September 18, 2005

More reviews

I have discovered that i find it pretty interesting to write reviews. Reviews about just anything. Be it a movie, a book or any damn thing over which i feel i have a opinion to state. So here i go again.


Xplorer2 is a windows explorer replacement for file management. Most of you people might think why would you need a better file management tool. Its my bet try this and you will know why! And you will never look back. It really has redefined file management for me. Its very light weight, has a lots of interesting features like

Really cool keyboard shortcuts.
Mutli-pane interface like Mozilla Firefox.
Quick viewer
Mass rename
Split & Merge
Nice viewing filters
Highly configurable

and a few more. The most interesting part of this little application is the memory usage drops drastically once you minimize it. In all a very well thought of utility. If its makers are listening, please add this to the wishlist: a linux port.


This is a live-cd linux distribution with up-n-running Enlightenment 17. If you dont know what E17 is, chullu bhar paani me dub maru. Thats what i would say. On a bit moderate front check my previous posts 1 2 . Well what can i say about E17, its just ahead of time, quoted by many as the most jazziest piece of software ever written. As for Elive, it looks good only when booted live. If you install it to hard disk, you run into the most broken release of a software ever. Even the E17 desktop isnt configured if you check it after hdd install. The X server is way old, Xfree86, and it doesnt configure well on my machine atleast. Leave alone this, you even find the "Morphix CD" as the cd name, probably the distribution from which Elive started. Guys...guys, please dont release things if they look as hap hazard as a godown with glass walls.

Dont even try Elive till it has a "beta" release atleast. And if you are so desperate to see E17 in action, compile it from source, yes that has become a bit easy than it earlier was ;)

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