Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Tag Relay

Been tagged by Sudeep for listing my 10 turn-ons n turn-offs...(not necessarily in order)

Turn offs first:
  1. Arrogance.
  2. The me, me & me types.
  3. The non-relevant chatter-boxes, though i have developed a lot of tolerance for this kind.
  4. When a conversation goes into mid-ons & mid-offs & long-drives.
  5. When people dont care for the little things that matter.
  6. When people refuse to even "just try" a new thing suggested.
  7. People who say " i would have got that for 10 bucks less".
  8. People who say "..animated movies, cartoons are only for kids".
  9. Irresponsible nature, be that towards other people or environment.
  10. The unsocialising herd.
And the Turn-ons:
  1. New ideas, innovations.
  2. Technology, gadgets (i just love the ipods & digicams & notebooks).
  3. ----- linux ----- (all things related included)
  4. The cool breeze, the silent shore, the hazy countryside.
  5. Movies, all types, the grandiose more.
  6. Music - the non-bullshit type.
  7. Sci-fi & Sci-phi.
  8. Down-to-earthness.
  9. Intuitions & people who believe in them.
  10. The "do it differently" propaganda.
Well, let me continue the chain, am tagging Ashwin & Nano.

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1 comment:

Sudeep said...

When conv. goes into mid-ons and mid-offs..
me too..

When ppl refuse to even just try a new thing suggested..
I haven't yet tried out the s/ws' u suggested long back.. :(

do it differently propaganda
Sahi re..