Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Introducing: CloneD

In the last 1-2 years i have installed, tried & played with a lot of linux distributions. Right from the very small ones to the big-b's. I got to see where all they shine, and where decline. I once toyed with this idea of making a distro of my own, I even sent out the proposal to some colleagues at work, unfortunately only two responded & i dropped it there.

But i maintained that one day i shall make my very own distro. The thing that was the missing then was the enthusiasm, but that was a phase. Now the idea sprung back to life again, this time i thought i would do it alone, heck if nobody is with me.

Offcourse when you make a distro, there has to be purpose for it, it has to be different. It has to have that "value" tag very much there & most importantly the users should gain from it. This is not for me, or the distinguished *nixers, it is for them, it is for making-life-easy. So here it is finally, CloneD

The zeroth build is up & the baby runs, more details on project CloneD <-- here. More to come & more to go...and it will be a while before the first build is released.

PS: If this project goes down the history line of Linux Distros, theres one more idea, its called

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Sudeep said...

U have been cloned.. oops.. u have been tagged. See my post