Monday, June 13, 2005

Between you & me

I was so surprised to hear a friend say a day before that "when was i ever serious about anything!". It just blowed me out. I was surprised and at the same time happy that for once somebody had somehow said the right thing about me.People always tend to think i am a very calculating, organised, cautious, non-impulsive type of person, which I dont know why. But i aint.

Organization, forget it, i am one of the worst procrastinators u'll ever see. It takes me three weeks to buy a cap for summer, till then summer is over. And i end up using my brother's. Calculating...i dont know what i am going to do today, forget about the word planning. And somewhat planned things that you may see around in my life, arent self started, those are influences of friends & family. Cautious, no way, & i recommend people to forget "caution", it keeps you bereft of lot of things which you might have discovered otherwise. Offcourse i am impulsive, if i decide i want to do something, i just do it, and at the very next moment most of the time.

So, the moral of the story...if you think of me as anything of the things mentioned dont know me as yet...

PS: There are offcourse, exceptions :)

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Sudeep said... Try this link to find more about u.. It didn't give me the correct results though..

Anonymous said...


all these things u say about urself are absolutely untrue .. i think u r very disciplined and organized and i have the "Robots ;)" to back my stance .. or maybe i am taking myself as the refrence for gauging these qualitiles :)