Saturday, May 14, 2005

Maahi ve

There is a dearth of good music...& its been like this for some time. In the midst of this barren one or other number comes as breeze of fresh air. Am talking about Faakhir's Mantra. Have heard two tracks from the album & they are brilliant both to sound n see.

The ubiquitous Maahi ve just grows on you everytime you hear it. It has in Faakhir's words "fusion of Blues n Sufi music". Though shades of Rafi & Kishore are noticeable. Particularly the oodley doodley thingy, very very Kishore. The video is very nicely done considering the music videos we see these days, jeez! It has that Chicago feel to it & coincidently this was reiterated by a friend too.

Maahi ve...maahi ve
Oh teri yaad aati hain re
Chandan see dhup mae
patli ki chaaaon maaaee
Maahi ve, Maahi ve

The other one is Jiyaa na jaaye. The video has a continous rose petal rain, looks kinda very royal. The camera keeps circular paths & the shot of sitar strings bending at a

While surfing i stumbled across a weird thing. Big B in a rap video. He looks awkward initially but he seems to carry the fast track in a artificial but convincing manner. He does it all, & he does it good.

3 times in the past 3 weeks, i reach E-square, see the housefull displays & come back. Waiting desperately for the multiplex in Kothrud to come up. Till then...for the Force to come, wait you must.

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Anonymous said...

3 times in the past 3 weeks, i reach E-square, see the housefull displays & come back.

dont know why .. but this makes me giggle for rather long :p


Sudeep said...

I also saw Big B video.. n i really feel the voice of the singer doesn't suit him.. I enjoyed the video though.. ;)

Salil said...

This Pakistani dude does rock.