Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dont slip on your sleep

I was watching a documentary on BBC about sleep deprivation. And it really had some shocking results. Some facts first.

> Average sleep time of people these days is 7 hours.
> This is 1 hr less than last decade, 2 than last century.
> 1 in 4 people sleeps less than necessary.

When you sleep first 30 min is the mild sleep, then you go into deep sleep. It is when you go into deep sleep that your brain rests. At the same time it structures out all the days events. Decides what goes into your memory & what is to be dropped. Your brain finds solutions to the problems you fought with in the day. And most importantly it does the restore & repair operations on brain cells.

If you dont sleep one night...just look at what happens..

You damage some 1 billion brain cells.(ghosh ! but thankfully there are trillions of cells in our brain! )
You lose your ability to focus
You become highly emotionally vulnerable
You get cranky

Particularly of interest is the fact that the brain loses its ability of good rational thought. This should put light on the fact why people try & fight a bug through the night & later the next day realise it was a tiny little mistake which they should have figured out in no time.If you extend your insomnia beyond a day, damage gets rotty. You start losing your selfhood & start disintegrating mentally.

If you want to live longer & happily keep good sleeping habits. And this is difficult to preach to a generation that goes for a 12am movie, that too from a guy like me :P, my mom calls me a nocturnal. So people, before thinking of putting in a night be aware of what you lose...sar salamat to pagdi pachaas!

The above discussion is void for people being sleepless cause they are in Seattle.

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nanolucifer said...

Then do what I do...sleep in the office :)

And I am sure sleep depravation is the least potent of the sources of damage to my brain cells. ;)