Sunday, May 22, 2005

Episode III

I saw Star Wars Episode III. It must have been first time in my movie going history that i booked the tickets 2 days in advance. I had to see this movie & soon!

I will not say much about whom why & hows about the movie. There are already a trillion reviews out there. George Lucas i feel now, is not only a great filmmaker but an equally talented writer. The way the story takes twists & turns Anakin Skywalker into heavy breathing Darth Vader is worth applauding. Writing such a gigantic plot spanning three decades, beginning it from the middle & the ending with victory of the evil unlike any other stories we see, is astounding. Finally it seems that the entire saga is about the life of the evil lord Darth Vader, from his childhood in episode III to his death in episode VI.

George Lucas has always been the crusader. He developed the technology he wanted. The others started using it decades later. Be it DTX or the work Industrial Light & Magic the Lucas' firm that has been doing path breaking CG. Episode III is by all means a design & CG megalomaniacal extravaganza.

And though the saga ends, i eagerly await what Lucas will attempt next...

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Sudeep said...

I liked the episode II even though I hadn't seen the first one. After reading ur post I ought to see the third one. I m happy u didnt get to see another housefull display n came back home disappointed.. ha ha