Friday, April 15, 2005

Alpha Said-Turvy

Alpha, he is a simple guy. Never took much care of himself, the typical shy guy you see around. He cant stare in peoples eyes & many a times fails to react in time while attempting to get the right words. But he is one of those self made people, who can turn themselves into almost anything they want to, the ones who have control over everything they do. And though Alpha knows this himself he still finds it difficult to be in terms with life, which he finds unimaginably overwhelming.

Alpha though very rational at heart, believes in angels. He even thinks there is a one that looks after him, who is always with him. He calls his angel Pi. The past year was very painful for Alpha, it still is. But he is gulping it all down his throat, he is strong, at will & at heart. He knows whatever be, Pi is always there, the twinkling but bright looking star, up in the sky. Pi once told Alpha, life is never too short to stop learning. Get your scores right the next time.

The Jupiter's moons, the Saturn's rings the Sun & the stars. Alpha always read all these bigwigs have the remote control. Your will is just a gamma ray trying to make way out of the pull of the black hole. But he never gave a damn to the bullshit, until now. His determined nature though very persistent, never got him what he wanted. This time he really wanted his wish to come true.

Knew it would bring magic to his helter-skelter life. But, ohh these buts, they take out the fun out of things. And let me tell you i have never ever seen Alpha so hopeless before. Pi knows it too. But Pi is confused, he doesnt know how to explain FATE to Alpha, and he knows whatever he does he cant get Alpha what he wanted.

Pi doesnt know how to get Alpha out of this gloom. Particularly because whenever Pi tried to, something bad had to happen to Alpha. Alpha now seems tired to fight, he has always been fighting. He feels cursed, one who has to strive hard for the simpler things. But its these simple things that matter to him, he knows they are special, they make him happy. He has come to think FATE considers him expendable. He fails to understand why is he so discontented. He even questions the existence of Pi these days. Is Pi an angel or just a onlooker, spectator. Alpha is troubled with questions & he doesnt have the answers.

It is time for me to help Alpha, i dont care if Pi doesnt care anymore.

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Kshitij said...

plz dont mind my ignorance to ur artistic style of penning ur thoughts..but i m lost in this alpha beta gamma jumble.... why go roman when same thing can be explained in plain indian way?..and btw...whats the moral of this 'story'?

Parag said...

why have things explained in dead plain manner when they can be made to sound interesting with some spice. After all spice is all we need in life, dont we ?

The story doesnt have a moral...its just a metaphor.