Tuesday, March 01, 2005



Stupefied, astounded, petrified, dumbfounded, I am.

This motion picture is a legend. Performances are out of the world. Theres no weak character in here. Rani Mukherji not only does a great act, she also looks very expressive with the black eye lenses. AB, what can i say...he should get an Oscar for this. His energy, his fatigue...everything he portrays is so convincing. The camera work is spellbinding. SLB uses whites, blacks in all their shades to create eye catching canvases. The film has a polished artistic medeival European look. It has been seemingly made with international audience in mind.

The few scenes that contain colors, are splendid with subtle blue n green hues. SLB has a nerve for the right colors, all his movies have their own identity in the colors he uses in their sets, be it Khamoshi, HDDCS or Devdas, the last being a absolute misfire according to me.The subject has been exploited with restrain which makes it a neat, rationally acceptable movie. Again the climax has also been handled modestly, with AB learning to say what he had taught his disciple, WATER. It is this humbleness with which the film has been handled that it humbles you down.

I saw Finding Neverland, one of the top pitchers in this year's academy. Its a fantastic film. Black is by all means comparable to it, if not better, in all aspects of film making. One more thing, the theatre where i saw the movie was kind enough to show Little Terrorist, a small documentary by an Indian, it was nominated this year. Indian cinema is growing by leaps n bounds, the tables are about to be turned...

My standing ovation to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. B L A C K is cinema at its very best...it has to, will make history.

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