Friday, February 18, 2005

The Future is Enlightenment.

Am a wanderer. Always searching something new. different. I tumbled upon something i had seen earlier but didnt notice. The visit this time has made me settle there, for some time to come. Am talking about Enlightenment, THE ENLIGHTENMENT. Its a window manager, desktop rolled in one.

KDE, GNOME have so predictable looks, behaviour, besides being heavy, yes GNOME too. XFCE is like a lighter GNOME, but is still very...what can you much like a DE should be. Fluxbox, WindowMaker though very light, themable n all look very primitive. Then spare some moments, have a look at a beauty called Enlightenmnent. Its strikingly aesthetically appealing, stylish & highly configurable & interoperable with other desktops. Its themes absolutely rock.

For people who dont like to change their default desktop looks even by a pixel, statutory warning, Enlightenment is not for them. Its for people like me who like to customise things upto the limits permittable, & sometimes beyond.

The surprising fact is that Enlightenment has these futuristic kinda looks since some time. The next version E17 is due since ages, but the team is working on it. Rasterman must have been GOD.

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Anonymous said...

Cool Man ,
thats is very nice. but enlightenment is also very heavy. it is very CPU intensive. Also i have seen problems in that , if u are working on the eterm doing some processing that created a lot of text output on the stdout then the eterm crashes amigos its still slackware and gnome 2.6 for me ....

bye and have happy hacking

Parag said...

Eterm is just an addon, n by no way a means of judging E16. Use aterm or xterm with the modifications.