Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Trekking has me...atleast for some time to come.

On the toes of a trek to Vasota i was back again doing the "you donno why you disturb your saturday nights & cosy sunday afternoons for a skin scorching, heart pounding bath in the waters of sweat". Phew...thats some definition. But thats the other side. But the greener side is like, you get to know & stretch your bodys limits, have fun, get pride in surmounting those inverted abyss' & gaze open mouthed at a marvel called nature.

This time it was Bhimashankar, organised (not that nicely) by Zhep. We got a train from Pune to Karjat, from Karjat it was an hour travel to a village called Khandas. We made a night halt at Khandas. We stayed in a localites house. Night was spent awake thanks to the hard ground & the synchronised snores ! We started at 8 in the morning for Bhimashankar. Managed (just managed) to reach Bhimashankar around 2pm. I was completely out of steam, energy & water due to the extreme heat & steep incline in the last 2 hours. But its a contentful joy when you reach the top.

Let the tribe increase...

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