Saturday, February 05, 2005

The February shiver

Eager as i am
It makes me land in the jam
The aftermath of impulse
Is a sky of sad seagulls
There was a once
When i misfired the guns
But it turned afterall
A wronged call
The prize was tainted
Donno why i saw it painted
It wasnt like "the grapes are sour"
But what i thought were grapes
Were bitter berry in the drapes
Now that i know
Lets wait till the flow

Then came a breeze
Vivacious n please
Barely had it begun
And now its silent again
Its the beginning of the rain
And its dreary to see it die
And i am weary, again n why
Words are so easy as words
Reluctant they are to utter
Its all but flutter flutter flutter...

February gives me shiver
Its always that cold in here
Whine and sunshine
The Oracle has me to dine
She says "i will greet"
Where the crossroads meet
So shall it be written
And so shall it be done...

45 min, this is blitzkreig

Category [ _MaskKhari_ ]


Unknown said...

I didn't understand what exactly you are trying to convey.

Anonymous said...

well all i can say is that if i could write this in
plain words, i would have never written in the abstract...
This is such niec form of encryption, public key is there
u have to work out the private one...jasst hotay :) !!


Anonymous said...

god ! whats with all the poetry and all !
you seem to be in deep thoughts these days..

well, thats a good thing
keep it up.

Satyen said...

I knew that U were a friend, but U are becoming a philosopher now. I dunno when U'll become a guide ;-)

Keep it up man, good going. I like ur poems!!

Parag said...