Friday, January 14, 2005

Yet another day...

yet another day
just swayed away
It started all
with a pompous ball
Waiting since then
with eager zen
Things start & they end
But all that is done is pretend
yet another day
just swayed away

I came & i saw
Thought i would conquer it all
But my dear Watson this is game
And only the shrewd get the bail
So what next
I am tired of this pretext
Patience is a wise man's crown
But till then why should i drown
yet another day
just swayed away

Life, they say
Is a needle in hay
Dont look for it
Let it prick your wit
The future is deep
And with a vroom i shall sweep
For today shall be the day
I ever swayed away...

© 2005 me

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Anonymous said...

Hi!its madhura.
nice poem!!

Parag said...

hey madhura thnks !!

Piyali said...

Though one more day, however spent
Is now just memory
a new day comes, an infant chance
To choose heroically.
- Jason Hart