Monday, January 24, 2005

There are stars staring at us...

At the Stourbridge fair in 1663, at twenty, he purchased a book on astrology "out of the curiosity to see what was there in it". He read it until he came to an illustration which he could not understand, because he was ignorant of trigonometry. So he bought a book on trigonometry but soon found himself unable to follow the geometrical arguments. So he found a copy of Euclid's Elements of Geometry, and began to read. Two years later he found differential calculus. He was Isaac Newton.

- Carl Sagan in Cosmos

If we look at what the text above means to say its : keep looking for things you dont know n you will tumble upon more things u dont know. And in the process u may* end up discovering things new in themselves. This is supposed to be the path of intellect, the way logic works n the place where it should end. So if everybody follows this policy, OMG, i think we would have evolution (intellectual) at speed of thought. Sounds very enticing, but alas we arent ideal beings.
Laziness, implied by ignorance rules our lives, n we dont pursue the necessary. I mean we do, but this latter "we" are inevitably rare. If we manage to increase this "we" we can fast forward our progress blazingly. But we are too much engrossed in our lives, n that seems natural, man is a social being first, intellectual after that...

* subject to one's iq:eq preference.

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