Monday, January 31, 2005

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I missed a thousand things that could have gone on this space.So let me touch everything...

Nowadays am on a roller coaster ride as far as watching movies goes. I am watching films, all genres of them, and most importantly at an enormous devouring rate. Watched National Treasure...its an ok doke.The plot cannot be said as inspired by The Da Vinci code, but a lot more than that. Though the good thing about the movie is that you dont get distracted from it at any time. Then came Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow. The entire picture is stylized, including its name to depict the science fiction types of the 70s n 80s. The artwork, FX are astounding, a lot of effort has gone onto it. However that effort does not reiterate in the storyline or storytelling, either.

Followed by this was Finding Neverland. Boy, what a film. Great story, the making of Peter Pan, great camera work & one of the most eye candy work can be seen in the way the director uses special effects, subtlely yet impressive. The scenes blend from fact to fiction n back seamlessly.A shot where the characters are in the midst of a ocean is really cool. The waves are shown of something like curved metal pieces moving up n down...truly amazing. Johnny Depp rules, be it this, Pirates, Hell,Sleepy Hollow or Chocolat.

Am reading two books...Carl Sagan's Cosmos, supposedly the #1 bestseller in science fiction history. Its about astronomy, humanity n a lot of rich language. The other is Richard Bach's One. Its philosophy a lot of it, inspirational, rolled into science fiction n implied introspection.The vastness of its context is breathtaking. Here too he keeps on mentioning that Jonathan Livingston Seagull is his "fireworks" book. It is surely my next read, another one waiting is a sci-fi by Arthur C Clarke.

As this blog has now turned more into a review magazine of sorts, let me add one more review to it. SuSE Linux. Great installer, something they call YaST, still to figure out its meaning,maybe Yet Another Suse Terminal:) Suse is way ahead of other distros when it comes to making a complete, rich os. Everything in SuSEland just works. Be it mp3, video or even Wine, the windows emulator. Though Linux is no longer in a position where it would need Wine, but it is a good application to have. The default look is ...very eye candy, nice glossy crystal icons ( for those who dont know crystal icons are a SuSE property), nice themes. Many features that RedHat seems to have plugged in these days in Fedora Cores, are there in SuSE since some time. The nice thing is that u get a feel of a complete os in SuSE, which somehow i feel is absent in Fedoras though Mandrake comes close, very.A detail i noticed is that the /boot comes with a symlink of initrd too, unlike all linices i have seen which have ones only for vmlinuz n Attention to detail, thats SuSE.

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nanolucifer said...

Ah yes...Carl Sagan. Ain't he wonderful?

nanolucifer said...

And on the topic of might want to read 'Contact' and 'Comet'. Equally mind blowing.

Parag said...

Hve seen the movie Contact, its thought provoking.
I am pretty sure the book would be a lot better.
And yes Carl Sagan...he is just too good.