Thursday, July 21, 2011

Save the "!"s

"Out of office for next few hours!!"

"having lunch at thai place!!!"

"Here it is! The OS we were all roaring about. Just upgraded!!"

"Robin hood !!!!" (means - watching it right now :/)

These are real updates, from real people. On emails/social networking sites. What is wrong with the world? Why are exclamation marks used out of place almost all the time, like there is no tomorrow? It's like the Lays chips commercial, no one can eat just one - no one stops at just using one. Like there is some kind of medal tally of how many "!" one uses.

I'm no grammar nazi. This blog is filled with all typos and types of mistakes. I don't like to correct people's its and it's. But for the love of god(or whatever you believe in) please be sober with those exclamations. You know how you feel, when someone uses too many smiley's in a text conversation. Like after every other word. Diabetic. With exclamations, it is something similar. High blood pressure.

My respect for a person's sensibilities is inversely proportional to the "!"s they use in their words. Yes, I'm judging you. Be sensible. Make the internet a better place - for you and for me and the entire human race.

An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

PS: And now you can laugh at how uptight I'm with this thing, which is true :D. But I get irritated seeing a million of these everyday, and so the rant.


Karthik said...

hahaha!!! ;)... I know where the "OS stuff" is coming from... Maybe I have learnt to just ignore them.. I see them as "." these days.. that said, I should learn to place 1 "." at the end of each sentence... :D

Parag said...

I should've chosen more anonymous looking samples :P I would ignore them too, but I guess someone has to spill the beans for the greater good.

Parag said...

hmm.. two "crap" reactions. interesting, must've hit a nerve. wish people left the answers for "why".

Shalaka said...

Funny post!

By the way, you should get at least 4 crap reactions for those 4 examples :D :D :D (means I am very happy to say that)

Sudeep said...

He he, nice observation and a valid rant. I don't like the usage too (though I use ! in my post titles every now and then).

One of my ex-managers used about 8-10 exclamation marks in one of her emails (the email had one line mentioning she was in office :D). Not sure if she was kicked out due to the excessive usage :P

Btw I didn't think people would click on the crap reaction for this one. Holy shit!!!!! :P