Saturday, November 20, 2010

Design of a Wallet

Now this is one thing really dear to men, the wallet. It pays to have a good one, literally. Mine was tethered and tortured over the last few years, and it was finally time to get one before someone at a cash counter said something embarrassing.

I never really bothered about how my wallet should be, till now. It happens to be that all the ones till now were given to me, and all of them had plenty of room. Sometimes more than required. When I decided to get one for myself, I wanted something really slim and 'non-disturbing' to the seating arrangements to be precise.

Men's wallets, are inevitably fat and they keep swelling till one day the dude realizes that he can no longer sit straight. The contents are then pruned. It's an interesting exercise. Delayed free or garbage collection in more technical terms.

So now with a slim wallet, I've fewer compartments. And my priority goes to fast access to cards, since that is what I (or any sane person these days) use the most. So I had to group them by priority. High priority cards should have fastest access. By fast access I don't mean fast to look at, but fast to take out. If you keep a card in the card holder, boy your cashier would've a soda by the time you swipe your card. So keep it free, like where the cash is, just this one card that you use all the time.

Or you could use two wallets, one for the cards, the other for the rest of the things. I've seen a friend use two wallets, and I think it's just too much maintenance, and as Cartman would say, it's gay.

And please for _ sake, use a bifold or lesser, no triflolds, they have too much self-baggage, and they don't look like men's accessories in the first place.

So do yourself a favor, get a nice slim, tight, snug piece of soft leather, and be happy. I bumped into one at a Macy's store, and it made all the difference. The make - Perry Ellis Portfolio Slimfold- recommended.

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Sudeep said...

I too find the wallet cleaning exercise interesting. And I don't like the wallet in my back pocket.

Carrying 2 wallets itself sounds funny.