Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm dead tired. Tired with this thing called inertia. And its not the Newton's inertia, that is slightly better. There, if you are in motion, you keep being motion. The inertia I've currently makes me stop if I'm in motion, and makes me stoop if I'm stopped.

It is damn difficult to get out of it, has an over-powering omnipresence of sorts. Now all this sounds pretty whimsical, but heck it is true. I lose my initiative, my excitement and my enthusiasm, pretty soon after it gets back. Not being able to maintain it, I'm tracing the root cause. And I have a strong feeling it is "motivation".

My posts these days are mostly coming out of random conversations with friends. In a recent one, the conclusion was that, there is no motivation because there is no goal. Then again, there is no goal because there is no motivation. In this typically, what you could call, a vicious cycle the thing getting killed is 'progress'.

To break the cycle need a strong, equally over-powering, momentum that can guarantee an uninterrupted supply of motivation without really having to have a goal or a set of goals. The deal is to find it, and google doesn't help. There is a spoon, and there are forks and knives too, if you care to look the other side.


Anonymous said...

same pinch :-(

Ashwin (ASHBERT) Chaugule said...

I've had the same thoughts ... lots of them.
Looks like you're trying to strike a balance in life too, that'll keep the motivation constant. Or atleast thats how I saw it for my life .. and honestly, it seems to work, better than being single track minded.

Parag said...

ashbert < cool... so the solution seems to exist at the least, and you have actually found it :)