Sunday, November 09, 2008


Reader discretion advised

I wouldn't generally think aloud, but I thought this might help somebody.

We take some people for granted. We make up a mind about how they are, how they behave, how they'll react and then we expect. Expectations is always the root cause of turbulence. I read a quote few days back which has stuck in my mind. Cause of all bad is ignorance and laziness.

Going back, when we have a certain getup of a person in mind, we make expectations of how they are. And when they cross those boundaries we feel they have done something that was at least not completely right, if not wrong. Why am I saying all this mumbo-jumbo, off-course because I happened to experience one of these situations. For me it wasn't the crossing that bothered, but the way it was crossed bothered me, for a while. It bothered me because I had expectations of a certain stature of behavior. Expectations!

But, if we put ourselves in other people's shoes we realize that they do what they did, because that is the best they can think of. This thinking could be the accounted to several reasons, immaturity, apathy, or plain badwill, or fill-in-what-you-think. There are some other interesting reasons, like a tendency to think gray, these people can hardly think black or white.

So the thing to take from all of this is, don't have expectations. Are you serious, no way! We can't live without expectations, it is what leads to joy, sorrow, remorse, achievement.

So to simplify:
Always do the right thing. This will gratify some, and astonish the rest.
- Mark Twain
It remains to test how much of a hypocrite I am.

PS: If this has given you a tasteless tongue or a squint eye, sorry about that.


Ashwin (ASHBERT) Chaugule said...

hmm .. interesting.
The more I think about this post, the more I think you need some fresh air.

Detach-Haul ass-get out.

Parag said...


balpeck said...

To - "Always do the right thing. This will gratify some, and astonish the rest." - I say , "Be a man, do the right thing" ;)

Parag said...

:D to 'Russell Peters" let me say just this:

“Finally, in conclusion, let me say just this.”
- Peter Sellers