Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ooh aah ouch!

Thanks to a "paan", it came to my realization eventually that I'm suffering from "dard-e-akal"(term courtesy, Kunal), the wisdom tooth. I think it is done growing, so I may escape the torture of removing it, though the dentist doesn't think so. Its buried so deep in, I can barely see, I don't know how in the world they'll remove it! Till the next strike, its a "tu-tu-main-main".

Ooh aah ouch!

Patience is a wise man's crown
Is that why you make me frown
For 25 years you lay buried
And you never had me worried
But now, ooh aah ouch!

You look like a white fairy
But appearances are deceiving,
says Agent Smith
You are now real, and not a myth

Strange are your ways,
You shoulder your neighbors with sways
But hey, listen.
Lets make peace.
Be a good fellow
And you don't have to check out.

Be a bad guy,
And they'll kick you out.
'Cause we are programmed to peace
You can always make love,
But you can never deceive!

Think over it and let me know

And I'll ask them to bestow

Till then, I know

Damn you,

and this ooh aah ouch!


Karthik said...

If only u wrote such poetry on a girl sometime, you wouldn't have been single till now. :P But alas, its only a tooth. Well written, and hope the loss of wisdom is only pertinent to the tooth ;)

Parag said...

Ktk < thanks. yea, alas, its only a tooth. loss? who says i gained? :P

Addicted To Chaos said...

Mast likha hai Safri. I read it once, with no imagination, and drew a blank. Then, read your conclusion, and had to go up and read again, when it all made a lot more sense, in a much more beautiful way!

Parag said...

Satte < dhanwaad. I have put the conclusion in the pre of the post instead of the post of the post...if that makes things any simpler!

Gandalf said...

Good to see you back in action :D good going !!!