Friday, July 11, 2008


It was time for change. Cursor was carrying the same look for last one and half years. This time around, I decided to go for simple templates. Hunted to find this gorgeous combination of black and grays. Thanks a lot to the designer and the people who ported this to Blogger, credited below.

In the meanwhile, I have been trying, with really bad results, to get back to painting. One of them, with some color modifications to suit this gray template, is now the header image. Its equally bad, but it has that raw look, which I liked. The previous ones are in the headers album in pictures link at the top of the header.

So, till next comes, its a gray world.


Tushar said...

Looks great!

AG said...

Looks great! :) The banner goes really well with the other colors on the page.

Couple nits, the "Blogizens" column is center aligned, where as the "Labels" column is left aligned. Not sure if this is intentional :) Also the search button is few lines too below the search text bar. This is all on FF3.

Gandalf said...

It looks good. Though I would have preferred something more bright and cheerful :D

Parag said...

TNT < thanks.

AG < thanks, will check those alignment issues...

Bhavin < I knew this was coming :), I too like brighter colors, but this time thought of trying something unusual..