Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am living on caffeine

Ladies & blog has been blessed today with an exclusive guest post from a dear friend Vinayak (ise pyaar se log Samba kehte hain :) ) He wanted to contribute to the blogosphere without having to create one more of those single post wonders. I suggested what place would be better than this. So here it is, from the Belgaumite turned Punekar turned Tucsonite & these days a proud Bostonite.

I am living on caffeine

I am sure the title would have had a sparkling smile on someone’s face, at least I hope so. J

As for most people my day starts with a coffee. Being in Boston has introduced me to a wide variety of this drink. I drink it more often than water (at least when I am at work!) I start my day at the kitchenette of my office rather than my desk. Most of the times it is me who brews the first coffee in the morning. (I wouldn’t be surprised if a few folks on my floor might be even disgusted with taste of the coffee.) Well, I think using a machine where you pour a packet of powder and turn on a switch things can’t get really messed up. Using a brewer was a bit tricky for me the first time. The eternal relationship between man and machine made it simple in the first go though. It is usually a medium French roast from Starbucks that I prefer to start my day with. I preferred it for the first time since it did not say de-caffeinated which would have been a bad choice if it were. I am not sure how much this caffeinated coffee helps me control my sleep but it certainly does help me start my day with some activeness! I prefer my coffee with some crème, milk and sugar. I rarely prefer it black unless I want to get some taste of true coffee. A flavored creamer was what I had been missing the most until now. I just got some hazelnut and French vanilla (two of my most favorites). A taste of these creamers gives my coffee a subtle taste.

There is a huge TV hanging in the office kitchenette which is always tuned to the CNBC channel. Being in a finance company you will be bound to see a lot of business news channels. I can see coffee mugs on the desk of the anchors for the Squawk Box. The squawking is so loud at times I wonder how much of coffee or rather caffeine are they on. There are many more people who are hustling around the place to get their mug of first coffee for the day. As a colleague of mine said the other day; everyone loves their first morning coffee. As I listen to what the media has to say about the markets I observe people getting different types of coffees for themselves. Some like if black, some with crème, some with sugar, and everyone has their own unique way in which they like or rather love their coffee.

I was introduced to Dunkin Donuts for the first time at the JFK airport. Frankly, I did not like the taste of the first coffee I had here. But I was truly delighted by the tastes of their donuts. Glazed, Boston kreme, French curl are a few of my favorites. I try to avoid eating too many of them but I still end up getting them while on my way to the office. As I wait in the line for my turn to get my hands on to these sweet treats. I see people walking in and out, grabbing their favorite coffees, something that gets them started for the day. It is also a good time when I see a few pretty faces waiting to get their fresh coffee. A glance and a smile is the most I have been able manage until now. Asking out, not until now (Wouldn’t it be the silliest thing to do; asking a girl out for a coffee in a coffee store! Or maybe I should try it ;-) )

Coming back to me living on caffeine; I don’t remember the last time I had to get up so early and be active (I have always believed in utilizing the morning lectures as my extended sleep hours.) and coupled with my crazy sleeping schedule these days, It becomes exceedingly difficult for me to keep myself active at work. I don’t deny the fact of dozing off while I am at my desk but it happens rarely thanks to the French roast.

Being in the US I have tried a lot many types of coffees until now. So far so good, I have always enjoyed sipping on cup-a-coffee. I also prepare a few different varieties (or versions) of lattes myself. My friends at Tucson might want to opinionate about it. J

Nevertheless, the coffee I prefer the most (n these days I crave the most) is the traditional filter from India. It is a perfect blend of coffee- chicory decoction with milk and sugar. Served HOT. Gosh, the very thought of it makes me feel nostalgic.

- Vinayak Sambargi


Gandalf said...

Waah Samba ... Kya baat hai :) Ab dusron ke blogspace ko rent karna bandh karke khud ka blog start kar :D Good job !!

Cryogenic said...

Good one samba... i didn't know you are so addicted to coffee now-a-days...
thanks parry for giving samba the platform to finally express his thoughts in writing...
well samba i miss those stats and numbers!!!