Thursday, October 26, 2006

This Diwali & Eid

This was the first time I spent Diwali without being with my family. I really missed being with them, with my friends. As TNT said, it is when you miss your family that you understand how important they are in your life.

I missed that early morning aura of Diwali...the light, the sound, the smell, the feeling, its just inexplicable.

My roommate Sagar's mom had sent faral, so I didn't miss on that. And we tried to create some mood by putting up lights as kandil. Eid was grand, Quadir (my other roommate) made royal feast with sheer kurma, gulab jamun and vada pav. He is just too good a cook, be it veg or non-veg. And blessed are we, his roommates :)

With my midterm course work wrapping up just before Diwali, I could enjoy the short vacation. Saw movies (yes, back at it!) back-to-back. Sahara, Cars and Memento. Sahara is good for a lazy afternoon. Cars is nice, but it didn't appeal as much as recent PIXAR movies. Maybe the laptop screen stole some of the magic.... should have seen that on big screen.

Memento, its a masterpiece. Me and Sagar spent like an hour after watching it, discussing what actually happened in the movie and what the real story was. Finally we still had some loose threads, so we looked it up on the net...and got a really detailed explanation. But that critic too couldn't decipher the entire movie. We almost figured most of the things. One hell of a movie. A must must watch. This movie has raised my interest to watch Batman Begins, made by the same director.

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