Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A little hay, a little hoe

Last weekend i had been to a stud farm. TNT's dad works there and he had invited us to visit the place. Interesting place...a lot of things to learn. Not only the equines related GK but other things too. Some interesting things about horses ( you can skip this )

* Live for 25 years
* Sleep with one leg slightly lifted and eyes open.
* Cost of a 1-2 yr old youngling is a staggering 15L, offcourse for the best breeds.
* They get passports after their gene pool is authenticated :P
* All race horses alive can be traced back to 3 stallions, that were from England. What were these fellows ? Ghengiz Khans of the equine community :P
* The ego of male horses(colts) is such that every one of them is kept in a separate paddock (approx. an acre of land).

Some race horses earn quite a fortune for the betters, i actually saw a record of some American breeded earning some hundred thousand dollars. The farm we visited was called Equus and is owned by some Ruia from Mumbai, the Ruia College was made by his family. This farm had some 40 odd younglings right now and a total of 180 horses. Yes that totals in crores ! And this breeding business is this guy's hobby. A look at his farm house at the stud farm gives you a lesson as to much money you can have and how good a spendthrift you can be. His swimming pool takes ten thousand bucks to get heated once...that should say all.

So next time you feel good that being in the knowledge industry field earns you more, think again. Hay is always greener on the other side.

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Tushar Thole said...

" So next time you feel good that being in the knowledge industry field earns you more, think again."

Right said [Fred?] Parag!

Sudeep said...

Studs going to stud farm.. kewl

lolllzz@ last line

i luv to see the celeb gals all dressed up (for a change) in the derby races... ofcourse on TV dude