Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What happens in Goa, Stays in Goa...

Goa...We finally set foot on the land and sea of Goa, after almost a month of planning and discussion.

It was a masti ki paathshaala all the time...time after time. A life for 4 days, king size. We stayed at GTDC's Mapusa residency. In 3 days of the actual stay, we visited a total of 5 beaches. Every beach has a flavor of its own, "they all have something to say", some have something to see :P

Calangute and Baga are neighbouring beaches and are stormed by phirangis, literally. Those areas have plush eateries, catering international cuisine. We also termed a street on the way as The Lane, and had a feasty dinner at a place there too. Talking about dinners and lunches, all of them were royal feasts, even the breakfasts were far from ordinary. Our food demands were exotic, with someone ordering freaking lobsters to someone having American breakfast for dinner, ahem...yes really.

For the first time i tried different liquors, though in "sip mode". The list included beer, rum, vodka and wine. None of them impressed me enough to try them again. Ashwin challenged me to a bottoms-up for half a glass of wine...and i did it, i dont think one can get drunk with even 3-4 glasses of wine. Though nobody ever got talli, we didnt need liquor to be so, with creatures like Pashy and Salil around. The laughter riot was stomach aching. The thing is that we rarely laughed due to the jokes, but often over the jokes, considering their pathecity index. Pashy went to never-seen-before highs on this.

The weirder part was the addictive accents Sally and Mukya always use. These guys are heads over heel for "Friends" and the Australian accent, Ostraalian, say, i should. While Ashwin got speaking with the, Zhe nazi accent. Zhat getz funny, contagiously. Mukya even spoke to some of the accented phirangis in an accent...with "over te bieg bridze" directions. And i cant stop laughing when i saw the giggling school girls, when Mukya asked them the directions to the Morjim beach, known mostly for obvious reasons.

We played a dumb charades in the chilly serenity of the Baga beach, it is arguable whether that was the right thing to do on a night at the beach. But hell, we were having a great time. And we played amateur football and its types till everybody got panting and dehydrated during the sunny afternoons on the Miramar and Morjim beaches.

A visit to Goa can never be complete without the churches of Old Goa. And we saw the Dona-Paula memorial too. We got arguing whether they were the first lesbians of Goa, or whether a previous incarnation of Damma-Pashy, DP...DP sounds rhyming...maybe! If there is pun out here, it is intended, no offence intended though.

We even tried playing at the J W Mariotts casino, it was another fact that almost all of us were OOC (out-of-cash, term courtesy Mukya). The entry fee of 200 bucks was good enough to stop us at the door, but we made our visit worthwhile...with a visit to the 7-star loo :P. At the end of the 3-day mega-maja we saw Rang De Basanti at Inox in Panaji. Panaji is a place with a personality. Everything there is clean and has a strong medieval European influence, lamp posts, wooden windows, brick pavements and the like.

It was a blasting trip, every piece of it. Got some nice pics, hope they turn out actually as nice as they were when we took them. Though Sally, the spoil sport deleted some of the not-so-publicly-viewable pics of his.

All of us are on different paths right now, and they will soon diverge...it was great getting the breeze and some booze till the roads are still the same. Guys, i hope we do something like this again, somebody even said that when we were at the Aguada Fort, widely known as the DCH fort...just like the guys in the movie

Lose Control
One more time!!
Lose.. Lose..
Lose Control
Haha (x3)!!

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Sudeep said...

sahi re... vasool trip hoti mhanje

last para ekdum barobar aahe... we also thought the same

sharing some pics wont hurt i suppose :)

Anonymous said...

Gr8 ! U indeed had a blast !
Yearn for the beaches and the sun, especially in this chilly, snowy weather !!!
Good for U ! send ur pics !
Did u see mine, ones from NY n Chicago ?

chal cya

Parag said...

Sudeep < i'll post some pics once i get them...

Nachiket < i did see your pics...kuthlya bavlatani kadhlet re...majority pics blurred aahet.

Unknown said...

Nice...Morjim beach must have been fun. Did you go to any raves?

Ashwin (ASHBERT) Chaugule said...

"over te bieg bridze" lol !!
this one takes the cake ! :D
DeMuks is one character, I'll say.
It was great fun indeed. Well written, nicely summarised, now all we need are the snaps...would be great to adds pics to the blog and describe em. Perhaps, Pashy's ultra hilarious sleepy head banging video in the car, would make a good start/end.

Rohit Srivastwa said...

read it too late, so posting comment this late...

Aguada fort is not the DCH fort
DCH fort is Chapura fort next to vagatur beach. From the beach you can see the fort

And if you haven't been to arambol beach, I'd say you haven't been to goa & had a phirang experience. You know why i'm saying so ;)

Parag said...

i knw wht u r saying :P

morjim beach is more or less like arambol, so we didnt really miss the fun !