Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday fever

I am on a forced extended weekend.

We had company trip to the konkan side beaches of Naigaon and Alibaug. A overnight trip, arranged by my company...i think it was once in a lifetime oppurtunity :P. But i blew it, suffering from viral fever has kept me home :(. I have always been very enthusiastic when it comes to trips. I remember, i was in 3rd or 4th standard and the day before the picnic i fell and got stitches but i still made it the next day.

Hoping that i get ready for the Goa trip my college friends and i have been planning for long.

Sitting home, with body aches is frustrating. I hate it to waste time, particularly weekend time, on non-leisure stuff. I am trying to design a new header for the blog, its a nice tp when time is in excess. But the more i work on it, the more i think that its pathetic compared to the current one. Seems more and more that i may end up scrapping the new thing.

Saw, The Butterfly Effect, for once the Z-Studio people were showing some sane movie. Wanted to see this when it was released, had missed it then due to some reason. Its a good one. A very different story, though pretty much similar to the scores of time travel movies. But the central idea of the film isnt exactly time travel. The main character, Ashton Kutcher, has some blackouts during his childhood. He doesnt remember anything what happens in that blackout period. Later, when he becomes an adult, he manages to stop the blackouts. He then starts digging into what exactly happened during those blackouts. He uses his daily diaries, that he maintains to recreate those memories. While doing so he is able to actually go back to a particular blackout, and change the things that happened. By doing this he not only reprograms his brain, but in the process changes the lives of real people. Thus leading to different outcomes of their lives and his too.

The movie is gripping, you are glued till the end. The only fallout is that the events that happen with him and his friends are grim and disturbing, disturbing enough to even watch them. But mending them is the main purpose of the main character, at the end he manages to set all the things right.

The butterfly is compared to the two lobes of the brain, but still i fail to understand why the movie is titled The Butterfly Effect. May be, its because of the effect the butterfly, that is the brain, has on different people, when it changes, or rather is manipulated.

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Sudeep said...

Its bad when u cant make to a trip n worse when the company pays for it

Hope u get well soon n enjoy Goa..

Sudeep said...

i also want a nice header :((

was thinking of changing the template .. 1 yr skin change... but didnt find any gud

u know of any sitefor tht??